The Buck Stops Here..

Hello! This Blog is aiming to give parents a helping hand with bringing up children, with a slant towards helping single parents on their own..

Having brought up 3 of my own children and 14 foster kids, I can safely say “Been There -Done That’ and Proud of the results!! So at aged 50, and having that part of my life behind me- I see many people struggling to manage everyday simple matters, mostly to do with discipline and boundaries.

One of the hardest things to swallow as a parent is the notion that, your children are a reflection of YOU! This is especially hard when they are not behaving in a way that pleases you!!

There is an old American Indian myth that re-enforces this concept: It goes something like this..

Tribes would often trade with each other only after the Chiefs spent time with the other Chiefs Children. This being the absolute accurate measurement of the others standards.

How clever is that? A bit impractical yes-  in todays paranoid climate, but an effective technique no less.

So, as you may have guessed the buck stops with you- No one else.

Remember Children are like dry sponges on a wet day 24/7/365!! Your every reaction, expression, accent, and emotion will be stored and referenced by the child. You must discipline yourself to be very careful what you expose (of yourself) to your child as the first step on this long road.

Until next time – Have some fun!

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Posted by on September 29, 2012 in Parents- this way.